Nothing says elegance as clearly as a view framed by small glass panels. French Patio Doors are not only beautiful to look at, exterior ones frame the exquisite natural view. Vertical wood mullions and horizontal transoms encase the glass and create style to any home.

Exterior doors add beauty from inside out or outside in and are available in many styles and colors. Interior French Patio Doors are also available and can add a touch of class between the dining room and living room. Not only does the interior door add style to the interior, it also acts as a sound barrier between the two rooms.

A feeling of spaciousness prevails when French doors are used because the almost floor to ceiling casements allows for generous light entry from outside or from room to room. Designed in the 17th century, French Patios Doors allowed as much natural light in as possible while still securing the home.

Electricity was not yet invented and home design smartly considered the challenges of that period. As patios were built larger as the years went by, the patios doors became bigger and replaced the side windows that were initially placed next to solid doors. Extensively used today, the doors add an architectural style reminiscent of the old beautifully crafted doors.

The design of the French Patio Doors has remained the same over the years however; the safety elements are more efficient in modern times. Locked from the top and bottom and secured with a deadbolt, the doors are safe from intruders. There is a choice when installing them to have them open inward or outward. Mainly constructed of wood, French Patios Doors may also come in PVC, steel, aluminum and fiberglass depending on the manufacturer.

Boasting the best that a window and a door have to offer, French Patios Doors have sustained the test of time. The improved safety features and weather proofing features of the modern classic doors, allow the beauty of the classic design in modern homes. When the view is important along with natural, light many sophisticated homes have at least one patio door on an interior or exterior wall.

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